Rich in color and specifications
Olive oil、Sesame oil、Soy sauce、Vinegar、


Frosting、Silk screen printing、Thermal transfer…

-Mature technology、The equipment is advanced

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Professional mold excellent——Yantai high quality development scene had come to visit our company inspection
4Month26On the afternoon,Party secretary Zhang Shuping led focus group to long yu glass phase iii project,Watch the progress of the project on site,Listen to related enterprise is introduced and long yu glass was highly praised by the professional  ...
Long yu glassTPM-6SThe third phase of summary commendation meeting
2017Years12Month27On the afternoon2:00,Long yu glassTPM-6SStage three and four start meeting in the conference room3A。A total of relevant project personnel100People attended the meeting,The meeting shall be presided over by Zhang Zunhou。
Yantai municipal party committee secretary wang hao to research company inspection
Yantai municipal party committee secretary wang hao in the standing committee of the communist party、The secretary-general in conifers、The communist party leader in qixia Chen Zhaokuan etc., accompanied by a line of people,To long yu glass survey inspection。

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