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The latest products
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Strong research and development design and production capacity
Develop and recommend new products and designers plan on a regular basis
Craft gift experienced team,Advanced production equipment
Has a strong r&d team,Provide customized programs
Production can be through a variety of certification
Products through the European UnionROHSAnd test standardsREACHStandard。
Hardware in the raw materials20ppmOr less,Gifts can be through a variety of tests。
Big love decorated home has passed the wal-mart,Avon inspection, etc。
Products100%All inspection multiple quality assurance。More exports Europe and the United States, Japan, etc50Several countries。
The scale of production、High output、Guarantee the goods time
Factory covers an area of10000Square meters,A variety of advanced equipment。
Multiple process line,Ensure that each batch orders with good quality。
Make to order,Processing,Production through-train service。
2Hours of quotation The sample rapidly On time delivery
2Hours of quotation,Sample mold1-5Days to complete,7Days of plate。
24Hours of comprehensive marketing services,All production operation。
Rapid proofing development to provide you with accurate delivery date
All the close service Most products more affordable cost
Entire production with someone to follow up and report the production progress in time。
By mass and batch production to reduce procurement costs and benefits to the customer,Let you really feel the value!
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Guangdong five yuan chess big love home ACTS the role of technology gifts co., LTD. Is a production and sales process gifts、Hardware accessories business,Ten years of experience,Since the development design、Mold department、Die casting department、With oil drops of glue workshop and polishing, and other departments,Design、Open mould、Production services。Bao bo chess_Board of five dollars_865Chess main products:Hardware accessories、Craft gift factory、Popular adorn article、Make up lens、Metal crafts、Luggage hardware、Wholesale hang bag hook, etc。The main materials:Die-casting zinc alloy、Tin lead alloy、Copper、Iron, etc。The quality policy:High-quality service、Continue to improve、Continue to improve、Customer first。Business philosophy:Good faith for this,The first quality,Service first,Create a reutilized。Ensure quality profit business seek development by innovation,Welcome manufacturers to figure or to,Five yuan chess big love home ACTS the role of craft gift co., LTD. Visit negotiate to create a flourishing business opportunities。
Big love newsThe trend of dynamicAct the role ofing is tasted
The good news!The good news!Big love decorated home gift metal folding mirrors       Big love act the role of the home and a suitable for user's gift metal folding mirrors,Immediately after listed waste zhao expensive mass customization。What is charm make big love home ACTS the role of the gift of metal folding mirrors a listing,So popular?This is not just because the quality of the product itself ying,And because it is at the same time“Love is acted the role of home made”,Means that it is a big love home ACTS the role of the sincerity of high-quality goods。      The product name:Gift metal folding mirrors Lens barrel material:After stamping、Polishing、Electroplating、Assembly、Plastic surgery、Wipe and so on more than ten working procedure。 The mirror:Hd、Subtle patterns、Fashionable elegance The lens:Cosmetic mirror with flat mirror、A magnifying glass,Using imported anti-fog silver plated glass lenses
Big love decoration shares bo chess decoration has the real case Big love decorated home hardware accessories with the real case:Most of the enterprises in the customized hardware accessories,Will meet such a question,Hardware accessories to my customers they will like it,New style,Can you guarantee the problem such as quality aspects.But now you don't have to worry about these problems,You just have to baidu big home ACTS the role of love,To get into the big love home ACTS the role of hardware accessories website web site,There will be the most professional customer service to serve you,Wholeheartedly to you all kinds of hardware accessories problems。Big love hardware accessories not only best-selling domestic act the role of home,Also exported to Europe and the United States50Several countries。Act the role of factories through big loveWalmart、Disney、SGSAnd so on the third party inspection,Products100%All inspection,Multiple quality guarantee you more at ease。Big love decorated home hardware accessories with the real case:Big
Bao bo chess WeChat accessories industry public operation method Do WeChat public issue of the first batch of operating fans is very important,Hardware accessories industry WeChat public operation method,Their open a shop that long,Should have some old customer resources,And old customers to guide to WeChat public number above,Such as attention WeChat public can see every day all kinds of accessories price list,Can be ordered online,From now on focus on WeChat public order can enjoy preferential activities such and such。Whether to subscribe to, or service number,Can send a push eight message this is very cool, dropping,On WeChat public operation early I think nothing is better than do some activities to attract some fans attention。The current issue of the powder cost is more and more public before the may five hair moneys can the whole to a fan now estimated cost1.5Yuan
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